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Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Trainer


Path Finder by Henri Reis

The Path Finder Putting Device by Henri Reis is the most effective way for you to practice your putting technique. Path Finder is easy to use because it adapts to the individual. Its based on the same basic principals which have made the Putting Guide so well received; It provides rapid results.

The Path Finder, one of the better putting devices, comes with a instructional DVD which not only explains how the Path Finder itself should be used, but also contains sections on’ length training exercises, aiming and green reading.

A book that reveals in detail the factors that affect putting is also included. Path Finder is a golf training aid that helps you find a better putting stroke, better ball impact and better alignment.

The ball is placed in the middle of the Path Finder device. The device itself can be attached to a green with a tee and then adjusted towards a hole. Attached to the Path Finder is a mirror that allows the golfer to control alignment. The eyes of the golfer should be over the line that the golfer is aiming at.

Path Finder Putting System

The Tour Players Choice Path Finder is patent pending in the United States and in addition to Henri Reis, there are a number of players and coaches on the different tours that have contributed to the development of the Path Finder.

Several players are already training with the Putting Guide Pro Training System and want a supplementary product that can easily be brought along in the bag. By using the Path Finder you will improve your putting, increase your confidence and enjoy the game even more!


• Practice tools and bag (35 x 20 cm)

• Instructional DVD (technique, length exercises and green reading)

• Instructional book with in-depth analysis

Path finder has proven to be a successful golf putting device with more and more people practicing their putting skills using it. Path Finder helps you improve your putting skills and have more confidence in doing so!Path finder has proven to be a successful golf putting device with more and more people practicing their putting skills using it. Path Finder helps you improve your putting skills and have more confidence in doing so!

Golf Swing Heaven: Getting Out of a Fairway Bunker

GOLF BUNKER, GREEN, AND POND (click image to zoom)Golf tip: A variety of ways to play out of a bunker

Ventura County Star
Bunker shots require a lot of practice to master, solely because there are so many different types and conditions that you will find every time you play your favorite golf course. A greenside bunker is said to be the easiest â?? all you have to do is
Jim Suttie: Golf’s hardest shot — The long bunker shotNaples Daily News


Sport LIVE

Written by
Jeff Evans

Now, about getting out of a fairway bunker. The good thing is you don’t have to swing the club different than your normal inside-out path. You do want to take at least one more club than normal because you will probably hit a little sand before making
Golf roundup: Fred Funk wins Greater Hickory Classic on final hole. NorthJersey.com

Next up: A video entitled Golf Tip: The Bunker Escape

[ic_youtube loop=”0″ refresh=”none” keyword=”bunker swing”]

Conclusion: My personal advice of the best way to get out of a bunker is not to get in one.

Seriously, there is no one way to get out of a bunker. Every situation and ball location is different. Practice placing the ball in varying sports within a bunker and continue trying to exit bunker in one stroke until you find what works for you – then perfect it.

The SwingByte Golf Swing Aid Review

Product DetailsWhen evaluating golf swing aids, it must be understood that not all golf swing trainers are created equal. And there is no one trainer that fits all. The flaw in your swing actually determines the type of aid you will need. Now, there are golf swing devices that help determine type of flaw you have in your swing and that’s where The SwingByte comes into play.

This is what Hackers Paradise has to say about The Swingbyte:

SwingByte Review

By now most of us have had an opportunity to hit balls on a launch monitor or maybe even had a chance to see some really cool computer animated analysis of their swing. The information you can gather from this type of technology is absolutely priceless. Everything your golf club is doing at any point in your swing is displayed right there on the computer screen. There is however one drawback to all of this, in order to get access to it you have to pay, and pay a pretty steep price most of the time. New in 2012 is a device called SwingByte, the SwingByte is a small device that is designed to get all of this valuable data but without having to pay expensive fees for instructors utilizing the technology. Let’s check it out.

Below is a video showing the Swingbyte in action:

[ic_youtube refresh=”never” loop=”0″ keyword=”swingbyte”]

Swingbyte is a patent-pending 3-D golf swing analyzer…

Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer

…that attaches to neck of the golf and…


…sends golf swing data to any Bluetooth enabled display (tablet, phone, etc.).

And from this data you are able to analyze your golf swing, spot “hitches” in your golf swing and make (and test) recommended adjustments.

And this final word from Hackers Paradise:

The SwingByte is not a replacement for an instructor or for launch monitor fittings in my opinion but it is a great tool for some self-diagnosis of some of the flaws in your golf swing. I found the SwingByte to be quite accurate in terms of what it displayed my ball flight and what I saw on the course. I always liked to call my shot shape a baby fade, not so much a push slice but the SwingByte doesn’t care about my feelings, it just calls it like it sees it.

And don’t we all need honest, unbiased evaluation?


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