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Among the long list of golf swing aids, the golf swing jacket leaps to front of what I would term a strange apparatus in the gentile and sophisticated world of golf. When I see it, images of a straight jacket began to flash through my mind. So in the interest of fairness, I’ve collected a series of videos, testimonials and reviews about the Swing Jacket Golf Swing Jacket Trainer, which is, according to its creator, designed to improve golf swing fundamentals.

In this first video Tom Pernice Jr shares his thought on the golf swing jacket trainer:

Tom Pernice Jr. PGA Tour Pro has been using the Swing Jacket since 2001 when he started working with Master PGA Instructor, Jim Hardy. “When you use the Swing Jacket you know you’re working on the right things “. The Swing Jacket keeps your back straight and keeps you from stooping or slouching. The Swing Jacket encourages the solid one piece takeaway that’s one of the keys to a great golf swing. The rails on the Swing Jacket are scientifically positioned to place you in the perfect position at the top of your swing. One of the amazing things about the Swing Jacket is that the shape and position of the rails will keep your hands in front of your torso at impact. The Swing Jacket guides you through the exact same positions that are needed for an on plane golf swing. Feel what a Tour Pro’s swing feels like while you hit balls wearing the Swing Jacket golf swing training aid.

Next we have a guy name Ken who has a handicap of 14 and a mean slice demonstrate the Golf Swing Jacket:

Swing Jacket and Ken hdcp. 14 โ€”Watch Ken lose his weak slice and gain 40 yards with a subtle accurate draw after 10 shots with the Swing Jacket.

And in this last video we have an infomercial about the Swing Jacket:

The Swing Jacket will train your body to consistently execute a great golf swing. Why Does it Work? Actual Results: the Swing Jacket gives you instant feedback on each golf swing you execute. Consistency: you arae guided through each swing while your muscle memory is trained to repeat the perfect golf swing. The swing jacket will focus on your mechanics so you can focus on the feel of the swing. Practice Perfectly: the swing jacket will force you to practice a correct on plane golf swing. Use it Anywhere: the Swing Jacket can be used anywhere you can take a full golf swing with or without a golf club, indoors or outside. Your Own Personal Swing Trainer – the Swing Jacket will serve as your own personal teacher guiding you to better results any time, any day. Swing Jacket Golf

And last but not least we have testimonials about the Golf Swing Jacket Trainer from


“Before I tried the Swing Jacket I couldn’t even get the ball airborne. With the Swing Jacket the change was unbelievable… I started hitting these beautiful shots. Now I understand why people love this game so much. ”

Janet Ginther, first time golfer

Frustrated Mid-Handicapper

“When I put on the Swing Jacket the results were immediate. I didn’t have to spend six months trying to learn a new swing, it was instantaneous. My handicap has gone from 13 to 9 in just two months using the Swing Jacket.”

Scott Barnett

Experienced Golf Addict

“Before I used the Swing Jacket I had never broken 80. I broke 80 fifteen times last summer and almost shot par a couple of times. The Swing Jacket has turned my game around and dropped my handicap from 18 to 10.”

Bernie Nault

I Love Your Product

“I love your product! It has done in 20 minutes what I haven’t been able to achieve in three years of practice! It’s true…this training aid really works! After falling for every gimmick on the market to help improve my golf game, I finally found a product that actually does what it says. I am six feet tall and I now realize that my swing plane was too steep. The Swing Jacket has my swing on a much flatter plane and I am getting much more shoulder turn and lower body power than ever before. All of my golf buddies are amazed at my sudden “new” swing and they can’t figure out how I’ve done it. I know I will have to tell them as these results are too powerful to keep a secret for long! Keep up the good work!”

Gary Lance, Waynesville, N.C.

My Slice is gone.

Dear Swing Jacket,

Well, the Swing Jacket works wonders for real. I was at the golf range and I was slicing the ball all over the place. I asked the guy next to me to hold my mat while I go to my car to get my jacket. I went to the car got my little carrying case and the asked, “Where is your jacket?” I told him it’s in the case! He laughed hysterically. Well, “It’s a swing jacket, I replied.” He went on and on until I had the jacket on and whacked the ball about 170 yards down the middle of the range with my 6 iron. I pulled out my 9 iron and hit the ball 135 yards down the middle of the range. He asked me how in the hell can you hit the ball that straight when you were just up here slicing the ball. It’s the swing jacket I replied. So now I have 3 friends that want a jacket and my Father-in-Law is left handed and he wants a jacket as well. The jacket has taken 8 strokes off my scorecard. I still use it everyday!!!

I noticed that with the swing jacket if you are swinging on plane and still hit a bad shot then something else may need some tweaking. Like your grip, tension in your arms, or your alignment. If you fix anyone of those it’s smooth sailing from there. I told everyone I know that plays golf about the swing jacket and they all have seen me use it. It is a product that I would sell personally. I really do love this piece of equipment. It is a product that actually really works like it was advertised to do. Now if you really need some reps to sale this product sign me up. I’m not joking. ManyThanks,

Demetrius Augmon San Jose, CA

Until I used the Swing Jacket. . .

“I convinced my family that as a Christmas present they should purchase the Swing Jacket for me. I have been diligently using the Swing Jacket and experienced my first sub 100 score. I have been taking lessons for a year and a half and building the fundamentals and developing my short game, but not until using the Swing Jacket have I experienced the joy of consistently hitting the ball long and with a nice draw. I must admit it took me a while to get used to using the Swing Jacket. I fought with the mechanics that were changing before my eyes. Happily now I can say that the Swing Jacket and I are a team. I warm up with it before playing a round, and do drills with it all the time. I plan on bringing it in to work tomorrow.


Tracy W. Hartman

I Refuse to Waste Money

You probably hear this all the time, but, I have always been very skeptical about the numerous golf training aid products that always promise the moon (I have refused to waste money and would not buy them). However, I believe that the Swing Jacket is truly a revolutionary training product because it provides immediate feedback while actually HITTING GOLF SHOTS. I will continue to train with your product throughout our (Northeast U.S.) winter (to ingrain a more solid golf swing). I (very much) look forward to our next golfing season to see if I can drive/hit the golf ball more consistently (throughout the year) and improve upon my current handicap (5).

Over the years, I truly believe that with a (Swing Jacket trained) solid golf swing, I will collect winnings that will far exceed the cost of your revolutionary golf swing training product.

Thanks Again,

Steven Plesz

And there you have it. Please take a moment to tell us what you think.


Golf fan, how’s your swing. Maybe a golf swing trainer can help!

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